NBA New Season Christmas War jersey exposure solid color version of the font is very similar to last year
According to CBS reports, the jerseys for the new season Christmas Warfare have been announced. The Christmas jerseys for the new season will follow the styles and styles of last year, but the color and chest lettering have been fine-tuned.  Paul Lucas from UniWatch first revealed the news of the Christmas jersey. He said that the new season jersey can be counted as an updated version last year.  Last year’s design unified the letters and number fonts on the chest and the back, so as to be exclusive to the Christmas card. The other design is the back NBA LOGO, which uses a lacquered logo from the outside of the Christmas card cardboard.Lacquer seal.  Last year’s Christmas War was well received, so the NBA is only fine-tuning the color this year. Compared to the general monotone last year, only the Lakers team continued to wear white jerseys this year, and the other teams wore the team’s color scheme.Tabard.The Lakers also fine-tuned the word on the chest from LAKERS to Los Angeles.  Therefore, the Clippers of the same city can only use the words LA Clippers, unless the Bulls and Celtics use the city name, and the other teams have the team name on their chests.  The league will arrange five Christmas games in the new season, namely the Knicks vs. Celtics, Cavaliers vs. Warriors, Spurs vs. Bulls, Thunder vs. Timberwolves and Lakers vs. Clippers.