“I don’t care。It’s not me who killed them after all,They won’t embarrass me。”Meng still looks at Zhao Ming,A look of determination flashed in my eyes。
Watching Meng still,Zhao Ming feels a little warm。
She deserves to be the woman he values,If it’s an ordinary woman,If you see him killing someone in the Great Arena,I’m scared now。Let alone want to face this with him。
And Meng still didn’t,She chose to face with him。
“You are a girl,How can I as a man make you bear this。And all this is my fault。Do not worry。I am here,nothing。”Zhao Mingcan smiled,He still doesn’t care about a big fighting arena。Not to mention that this is just a branch of Soto City。
There is not even a soul saint in the great battlefield of Soto City,He can easily destroy this place alone。
As for the headquarters,With Zi Ji,Can be destroyed。
Have absolute strength,Zhao Ming doesn’t feel any pressure at all。
But Zhao Ming didn’t want to get stiff with the Great Fighting Arena.。After all, he still has a diamond battle badge mission that hasn’t been completed。If the task is completed,But there will be a chance to draw a prize for the best equipment。He doesn’t want to miss it。
“Do not worry,I am here。”Hold Meng Yan’s little hand tightly,The two walked towards the stage。
Just off,They were surrounded by the guards of the Great Arena。
These guards of the Great Fighting Arena looked at Zhao Ming with fear in their eyes。
They all saw clearly just now,Their colleagues in front of Zhao Ming,It was gone in a moment。