In Shen Huan’s mind,A lot of words and languages appeared quickly。
Good master, this is worthy of praise。
Do business as soon as you get the money,Not messy at all。
Too late to care,Shen Huan saw the injured Sositu,Struggling to get up,But it’s not easy to move。
“Big brother!”
“Brother, don’t fight them anymore!”
“Give them back the jade!”
“I beg you,Big brother!We are not eating,It’s okay to be hungry for a few days!!”
The shouts of a few children,It did let Shen Huan know what happened。
“How to do?”
Mu Ruru looked at their horrified eyes,Watching them protect the injured teenager,A little sad。
The three female bodyguards are not so kind,After they closed the door,Throw out the swinging stick for the first time,Always prepare for emergencies。
Their action,Made a few children in Myanmar even more frightened,The youngest two,Directly“Wow”Cried out。
“do not……Don’t embarrass them,Just kill me……”Socetus is not struggling anymore,Gritted his teeth and said:“Nothing to do with them,I took your things……”
Mu Ruru’s head is big。
It’s just like talking,Can’t communicate at all!
result,She saw Shen Huan,I speak Burmese very fluently:“do not move,Robbery!Hand over the jade first!”
Mu Ruru’s eyes,The biggest moment。