“Mother,We had a miserable life!”
“That ugly man will never raise a child,You see, San’er has become skinny from hungry。”
“I’m going out hunting at the age of seven,Finally made some money,But he will take it out。”
“Mother,What can we do,He must have taken a fancy to Lincun Big Flower!”
“Want to take the money we earned,Find us a stepmother back!”
“So bitter,Mother,San’er and I will come down with you!”
Tang Chen’s mourning voice,It’s creepy。
Shouting a few words and pressing Tang San’s head,Treat him as a tool man。
Tang Hao staggered,Almost sat down on the ground。
Especially the facts before,I’m really ashamed to say it。
But what’s behind,Who likes that fat lady in the village next door??
And the direction of Tang San’s head,It turned out to be beside the waterfall on the cliff。
This made his heart twitch,Hurried over and shouted。
“You bastard, shut up!”