Ji Yinmei can cook some food by herself,Wang really doesn’t understand anything。
Last year,Shen Huan knew。
So even if Shen Huan is eating a nutritious meal,He will also cook for Wang Zhen and Zhang Yaya。
Especially Zhang Yaya,I like to eat Shen Huan’s food,She is young,Shen Huan will naturally follow her。
When Ji Yinmei just moved in this year,,Still want to show,Cook something for Shen Huan,Let Shen Huan see her strength。
After a meal made by Shen Huan,,Ji Yinmei no longer had this idea,As long as it’s not the day to play,So I waited for Shen Huan to cook dinner every day。
Shen Huan made dinner,When the two of them accompanied Shen Huan to the training ground the next day,I also bring a bento box,Heat it up in the microwave for lunch。
The fragrant smell,Let a group of Lakers players eating nutritious meals directly“Glaring”。
same,Shen Huan’s dinner they exposed,It has also become a post with a very high number of views in China。
Several times have been in the top ten of the popularity rankings。
have to say,As long as it isNBAShen Huan,Is the hottest star in China。
And many news related to him,Has always had at least tens of millions of attention。
Even the food cooked by Shen Huan,Can overwhelm many celebrities,This seems to also play a role in the positive energy of the network?
Shen Huan cooks for the two women,It’s actually a kind of relaxation。