“Don’t stop him。”Stone heart。
“this is。”She feels touched 10,000 walls today.,Hard students have turned back to this mouth.。
The last step is falling,Bamboo knife is http://www.xingdajiaju.cn confident is your victory。
——Ready to accept failure,stranger!
However, on the other side,His chess is raised in half air,It seems to jump from the highest place in the universe.。
“Cherry blossoms,I can see it now.。”He said gently。
“One of them。”Corporate personally reports。
One of them,That is, the top left corner of the chessboard,The most extreme place。
“One of them?”Bamboo knife forging,I don’t understand how the corner of this gougou is a robbery.,Immediately put the chess pieces。
See a moment of such a pace,He shocked。
Beautiful cherry blossoms from the chess,That is a cherry frenzy,The tsunami swallowed the whole chessboard,Entire opposite room,Even the whole world。
Corona,Self-tightening,Extrude a eight-piece chess into the narrower dead,Leave only one breath will be unplugged。
And this chess is pulled out,Will save bamboo knife forging six sons,One will be more than this point of view30Objective!
The average person is not broken as long as the brain is broken.,Never take this as a hijack,Whether it is the first sense of second sense,And even moving the seventh sense,Never find a flashing spot here。
This is a suicide root,Sakura-like wave is magnificent。
And it is just to eat a child.,Although this piece is connected to another big chess,But it is only caused a new robbery.。
But only,Already。
After a long robbing,The whole chessboard is already in the mountains.,There is no second place to turn over.。
Bamboo knife is on the chessboard,Looking for a place where the entire chessboard can be launched,But the result is a matter of course,This is really no。
“hateful!Damn!Why,Why can you think of such a way?!”
The rays swallowed the bamboo knife forging in front。
Ke Lang has already standing in the jungle in the procuriant bloom.,He suddenly thought of the first game he saw.,That isnhkThe game of the cup fast chess,Straight Tibetan Battle Standard Forging。
The first special effect he saw,Cherry blossom,The deadlite of the straight excision,But the ruthless frost-bonded by bamboo knife。
There is no cherry blossom that is open http://www.gaoweishan.cn for a cluster.,The victory of the straightness is also ended,Eventually this is called bamboo knife forging, I won it.500Wanyuan bonus。
Everything is like a perfect closed loop,Not only is the opponent,Even the key hit is also closed.。
But this time cherry blossom,Jushi can’t be freeze。
Cherry blossom,Perfect closed-loop sentences this season!
“gonChess,Labor and capital to win!”He surused,Step on the table!
The last column is burned,Time is just exhausted。
Shi Xin also opened his eyes that had been closed from just now,As if it is waiting this moment。
So,Last link,essential!