Blue Xin is a little funny.,Look at the eyes expected in his eye,This is the first favorite feeling,It is indeed very excited and look forward to。
“I am comforting you.,I want to set up you.,Unfortunately, it is not a joke now.。”
“Hey-hey”Mu Ziyu is finally laughed.,Looking at Le Yu happy laugh:“Gather,Did you hear it?
Blue and blue say it is fast.?” Le Yu, this will be painful,How can I answer him?,Even Mu Zi said nothing.。
“Hurt pain”Le Yu is going to the waist,She thought she was strong,But I really can’t hold it.。
In the early morning,Oujing also rushed over,He came to see Su Sei Ming,Just see the message of Muzi House,He came over。
at this time,Three big men waiting outside the house,Watching the door of the operating room。
Three people are extraordinary,Air field is full,Let others wait for the mother and other people can’t stand this depressed atmosphere,Far away from the distance is waiting。
But can’t help but watch the same value of the three gods.。
Three people are vain,Visualty。
And Blue Xin goes to the ward in advance to prepare for the child。
“what”After a silence,I heard the baby’s cry.。
“what”Mu Zizi is called,I scare Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing.。
“You are sick。”
Lu Haocheng suddenly screamed Mu Zizi。
“gave birth,gave birth,I am born.,I am really born.。”
Mu Zizi is excited to run in the same place,I don’t know what I am talking about.。
Ou Jing Lu Hao Cheng:“!”
You have gone,You don’t do anything,Why is you??”
Ou Jing looked at him。
See his interest,Isn’t it like a favor??
I don’t know, I thought it was neuropathy.。
At this time, the excited Mu Zi will hire these,Surprise loudly announced:“Ah Cheng,Aura,I am,I am really a friend.。”
Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing have once again speechless.。
This Mu Ziqi’s heart is weak.,If you come to a pair of dragon,He is absolutely instantly fainting。
However, Lu Haocheng thoughtfully looked at Mu Zi, who was about to cry.,Is this a joy and happiness??
No wonder blue blue should stick to a child,That is to let him feel like this feeling。
He Yin Hong’s lips evoke a smile of happiness,His blue blue,Really care。
Ou Jing, At this time,I also envied Mu Zizheng。
He is faint to hang down the scorpion,Have a painful,Think of the contraceptive,His distressed is very painful.。
He lowlang,The bitterness of the bottom makes him want to escape here,Undergive,Can see that he is lonely。