“No chat,Don’t wake me up,I woke up naturally when I woke up,If you dare to violate this rule,I killed everyone around you!”
The look of the big eyeball suddenly became extremely cold,The kind of murderous intent that emerges all over,It’s definitely not just a crazy talk。
Teenagers are not afraid,“still have a question,I have two chess pieces,How to make Tianzun return?”
“no way,The board is weird,I can’t do it,Feel for yourself。”
“Don’t you pretend to be good at learning?Can’t you master the rules??I can’t even handle a chessboard?”Young don’t give up。
“Are you going to that mysterious place?”The big eyeballs suddenly became annoyed,Shout out。
Teenager nodded。
“If you want to go,Shut up!If not,Let’s go home immediately。”
“What you meant just now,There should be a way for Huo Tianzun to find his way back?”
“Can’t you shut up?”
“You decide。”
The teenager is in a good mood,Stop arguing with the guy who suddenly fell ill,Anyway, there will be opportunities in the future,I’ll talk about it after seeing the magical place。
But the boy never thought,After visiting the magical place,He can no longer find the trace of big eyes,There is no breath of it in the world,The guardian of the temple cannot wake up in his sleep,Actually he still doesn’t know how to wake up this magical and weird guy,On the right wall in the temple‘Eye of Prophecy’The outline is still,But there is no power to show it again。
Searched for two days,The teenager rushes to the west in his own world,Already exhausted,After waking http://www.tlccrew.cn up, I decided not to look anymore,Since the big eyeballs are crazy,I don’t know where to go to play,Always come back when it’s time to come back,Because it said,Even if it wants to return to its own world,Must also use‘Eye of Prophecy’。
Anyway, I have adapted and mastered the laws of the free world,No one can get it,It no longer needs any shelter,Security is not a problem。
Figure out this section,Teenagers no longer worry,Sitting in the study room every day,I’m tired of sitting a long time ago,So I got up and moved my muscles and bones,Hand open the door,Can’t help being shocked,Full of people standing outside,Even in the small courtyard。
“Damn,You finally woke up。”Li Yun, who was blocking the door of the room, gave a cheer,The anxiety on his face disappeared,I squeezed in the door without knowing it,Don’t forget to turn your head http://www.newbienews.cn and say hello,“I come first,A few moments。”
So young,Li Yun slammed the door shut with a backhand,The elder of the thick soil hall squeezed on the other side was so angry that he would hit the door with his fist,But was persuaded by everyone,Just pressed it down。