after awhile,She found Xiao Joi and the origin of the southeast,Ambush。
枝 边,Pay attention to the distance of traps and Xiao,I found that I am now the most close to Xiao Jie.,And Xiao Ji is sometimes facing her back.,Not much preparation,I plan to give Xiao Yu to the trap.。
Trap is near。
Xiao Yao is also entangled。
Timing is just!
枝 地 发 压 压 压 压 压 压 压,Flexible body shape has moved away from Xiao Yao’s right back,Savings,Lake up is a。
A slightly fierce call,With the start of the trap under the tree,Change to a series of screams,“what——!what is this……what!!”
The mouth of 枝 心 刚 刚 松,Just listen to the familiar voice asked:“This trap is your own?”
She slowly turns sight,Pair of Xiao Yao’s eyes。
Semi-confident peach eye,若 潭,Thin lips,Indeed, Xiao Yao is right。
——Who is the trap???!!!
枝 的 心 地 山 山,Set out your eyes,Found that the sleeve is hit by the fire in the fishing net.,It is the leader。
Is this the penalty for your Xingling??
Branches are almost tears。
It turns out in a short one moment,More than just branches change the station,Xiao Johi and leader’s position also quietly changed,Everything is not coming between electric light flames,The feet of Yan Zhi finally got on the back of the leader。
The leader was hanging in the air,His sword was finally passed by Xiao Yao.,Only lock in the fishing net in the fishing net:“Branch!You are shameless,In this way, use this kind of means!”
枝,Touched directly:
“You also means that others are constantly shameless!You have a group of people to hit Xiao.,Also use、Playy,Otherwise, you think you can get Xiao Yao?”
Leader:“I am constant,Don’t you be shameless??”
Branch:“Even if you are so despicable, how is it?,Nothing, so despicable, so shameless!”
He tried to counterattack,But I can’t find something more than one moment.,Invalid:“You are the most despicable and shameless!”
枝 轻 轻 地“Ah”A sound。
Expression ridicule,Horn smirk,The eyes are in the gods、Three-sighted laughter、Three-compliant,When it is the most exciting。
The distance recently can be clearly seen:“……”
Sleepy in the fishing net, the leader in the fishing net is really ambitious,Anger hiking,So starting nonsense,I can’t hear him, what is called?。