Lin Feng can see that the tail of the golden big tack is slowly drawing out a few words in the bottom of the lake.。
“wipe,They run where people run?Do you have assuring these days??”Lin Feng wrote a word。
“have,But it was shocked。”Golden big snake draws a few words。
“All right,Not pulling with you,What needs to tell me?。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the golden rush to the bottom of the lake.:“What is the Tianwang Dibao told me?。”
Golden big python gently swayed the tail。
Lin Feng’s figure immediately went to Xishan,He came to the top of Xishan along the mountain road.,Xishan’s mountain top is on the top of the knees,It is the president of Tiannan,Night lonely,Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Li Wei’s five people。
Same in the world of five people, I am sitting in the knee.,Black and white hand,Yellowish,Dongxing,Beihai,Mu Fenglong,Cheng Guan,Night cold and others。
Hear footsteps,Everyone has opened his eyes.,When I saw Lin Feng look,I can’t help but laugh.,Because Lin Feng is now like a back from Africa.。
Lin Feng’s face also reveals a smile,When I laughed:“All right,Each of them,Dongxing,Report overseas situation,I want to know the results of other brothers.!”
NS312chapter cruel
“Yes,Big brother!”Dongxing’s figure stands up。
“Say。”Lin Feng looked at Dongxing,I don’t know why,The original calm heart suddenly changed a bit nervous.,He doesn’t want to hear some bad news。
“Big brother,Now Xu Wenqiang and the two people have their own teams.,Big flying in the tropical rainforest of South America,Xu Wenqiang took the team to the African desert area。”Dongxing explained:“Brothers and brothers have a casualty,Xu Wenqiang has left53people,There is still the rest there.55people。”
Lin Feng heard the shadow,That means a little dead.。
Li Wei,Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun and others seem to have already known this news.,They are also silent,Maybe they have experienced too much.,They have no fluctuations on their faces.,Not ruthless,But I have already talked about it.。
In fact, the members of their families and forces,The process of negotiating fire on other forces every year,The number of deaths is not under this。
“Big brother,I am also coming back from two areas.,Give the big thunder knife method to them。”Dongxing explained:“I will let them come back.,But they don’t come back。”
Lin Feng looked at the sky,Good sigh:“I see,Is there any conflict with a big force??”
“This is no longer。”Dongxing explained:“They are ready to hide and practice for a while,Enhance the fighting power,It is also the third realm in the third realm now.,There are even a few of the fourth realm in the temper.!”
“it is good,it is good,it is good,I don’t care about my good brother。”Lin Feng wrote a moistive road with a wet angle:“Did you bring them??”
“Also give them,I believe that they will encounter the strong people in the half-steps level.,Can also fight on a fight,Even kill it。”Dongxing explained:“However, the power of the half-step universal realm will not deal with them.。”
Dongxing said very questions,Master has masters of pride,Let a strong persons of a half-step,If you teach the strong people of the martial art, you can put down your body.,But if you teach some people who don’t reach the martial art?,They will not shoot。
One sentence,Unchecked to make them shot。
“Big brother,I also know that the brothers die.,But I want to say that this is avoidable.。”Dongxing sighed:“Believe in them!”
“Is the family of the deceased arranged??”Lin Feng silently asked。
“All arranged,Give them a hundred million!”Dongxing explained。
“A hundred million?The brothers’ lives are worth a billion?”Lin Feng heard whispered:“In addition to money,To support their parents and relatives,Within nine-generation,Chamber of commerce must provide shelter,go to school,Raise and other expenses,All must be finished,Their bodies must find,Burial in the moon!”
“Yes,Big brother!”Dongxing heard a respectful road:“Renewed and eternal people also said,They must bring back the bodies of their brothers.。”
“Reincarnation?eternal life?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“Returning is the big brigade,Eternal life is Xu Wenqiang, their big brigade,Herein,Oath wants to become seven continents,Legend of the four oceans,To determlect the world。”Dongxing explained。
Lin Feng went to the sky and smiled:“it is good,it is good,it is good,As a brother,Reincarnation,eternal life!”Lin Feng’s laughter with a sadness and killing。
He didn’t dare to ask who is dead.,He suddenly changed at this moment.,His hearts have a selfishness,He doesn’t want to hear the familiar names。
In the end he didn’t ask,Afterwards:“How far is the big flying and Aqiang distance from the real martial art?”
“They are ready to kill again,The last time Dan medicine has given them.。”Dongxing Shen Si:“How long does they have to step into the real martial art?,Plus the big thunder knife method,I think the people in the shortcomings of the half-way troupe may not kill them.。”