In the third round of the CBA, Fujian 107-119 lost to Harrington, Jiangsu, 25 points and Zhao Tailong, 21 points
Minnan News November 8th news last night, 2014?In the third round of the 2015 CBA League, Fujian Quanzhou Bank challenged Jiangsu Zhongtian Steel away.In the end, the Fujian team, who frequently missed defensively, lost 107:119, giving the Jiangsu team their first win in the new season.  In this campaign, the Fujian team Harrington continued to play bravely, scoring 25 points in the audience, small foreign aid Fisher scored 22 points, the state is a bit warmer, Zhao Tailong 21 points, Wang Zhelin 21 points, Chen Linjian 12 points.The Jiangsu team endured Douglas, Changlin, Singleton, Yi Li, Mengda’s multi-point blossom, thoroughly Fujian team into a sieve, the game ended before the fourth quarter.  In this game, the Fujian team repeatedly had problems on the defensive end.Although Harrington said that the sword is not old and attacking the city and attacking the city frequently occurred on the offensive end, but due to age and physical problems, he encountered a little hard on the defensive end; and as one of the best domestic insiders, Wang Zhelin is stronger than the offenseAnd lousy in defense.The pair of insiders Wang Zhelin and Harrington can be said to attack the strong and defend the weak.The defense ability of the inner barrier is slightly weaker, and the leakage of the flanks is more frequent.  In this game, under the defense of the Fujian team, the Jiangsu team has 5 players over 10, among which Chang Lin and Douglas have more than 30 points.At the end of the third quarter, the Jiangsu team had already reached 96 points, scoring 119 points.  In the last match against Jiangsu Tongxi, although the Fujian team finally struggled to win, it also gave Jiangsu Tongxi 119 points.During the trip to Jiangsu, the Fujian team each scored 119 points for the two opponents. The weakness on the defensive end is evident.(Haidu reporter Zhuang Yiye)