Think of this one,Ridiculed immediately:“Good you Lin Yu,To make my sister happy。
Bought a fake one,Iron necklace with glass for my sister,I really didn’t think of it!”
Chapter 15 Can’t Identify Diamonds
“is it?
Then your vision is really bad,I can’t even tell the authenticity of a diamond!”
Good one to frame me,Even the real can be said to be fake。
“Ha ha!!You poor,It’s just a takeaway。
Actually told me,it is true?
Do you have money to buy?
Buy with your money?
Since there is no money,That’s not made of glass,It’s hard to make plastic?”
Really laughed at me,Just you,Dare to tell me real and fake diamonds?
Lu Feifei with hands on hips,Disdain。
“Lin Yu?