But it has been resisted by local villagers,No way to produce,Then it can only be closed。
Before closing,There is a pungent smell in a large area。
It’s not as strong now。
Half a year passed,Although the environment here cannot be said to be green mountains and green waters,But at least it’s normal。
Cement roads were also built in the village,This road was originally to facilitate the transportation of those factories,Now the factory is gone,Road is still there,Although there are some cracks,But it’s better than a dirt road。
This is one of the few benefits that these factories have brought to this village。
The convoy entered the village,Stop at the village。
The clearing in front of the village can’t stop so many cars,Some cars simply stopped at the door of a nearby tenant。
There will be notice in the village in advance,Someone will come to show love,Now just park a car,Not to block their doors,No villager refused to stop them。
After getting out of the car,Fang Hao still smelled a pungent smell,But this is not a problem of industrial pollution,It’s a matter of how the village welcomes them。
——After the team came,Firecrackers were set off in the village to show their welcome。
This way of welcoming makes everyone feel uncomfortable。
Too old。
And the smell of gunpowder,Smells a little uncomfortable。
Maybe some villagers can’t think of another better and more grand welcome way.,Or there is no way to welcome more than a better and more grand welcome。
Several village officials have already been waiting there,After they got off the car,Shake hands one by one,Express thankfulness。
There are some old people and children watching the fun。