Zhang Fan this expression……Will n’t really check the cancer?。
“Mr. Xia has left。”Sun Youde said with a mercy。
“Leave?Go,Where have you been??”
“Don’t know。”
Zhang Fan is squatting in front of Sun Yid,Crawn his legs,“Grandchildren,Thousands of mistakes are my fault.,I should not target Mr. http://www.shhongxiang.cn Xia,Shouldn’t question him,I beg you, can you let him come back?,Save me,Save me……”
No slight image。
A piece of in the field。
It’s really true.。
First, after Yang Haiming incident,I saw him magical acupuncture,Again to today……They finally determined one thing。
Summer actually can really diagnose cancer。
More shocking,It is also he can also cure cancer.。
Shock,Be a,Unconvident,Excitement,Frenzy……Various emotions have been in people’s heart。
As for Zhang Fan, crying on the ground,Almost no one sympathizes him。
He repeatedly for summer,Now this is this model……Especially the experts of Sun Yidide and other Zhongshan Hospital,It is very disgusting to him.。
However, everyone did not drop the stone。
Sun Rong Dediced a breath,“You first get together.,I will call Mr. Xia.,See http://www.qudia.cn if he has time?。”
Zhang Fan has completely chaotic,A snot, tears,“Grandchildren,You must say it well.,Mr. Xia,Me,I am willing to apologize to him.,Me……”
Sun Youde,Take out the phone to dial a number,At the same time。
After he leaves,The meeting room is again。
“God,Not temporary……”
The enthusiasm of Steven is even more。
Suddenly,What did he think of?,Take a look around,I quickly saw a figure tried to hide behind the crowd.。
“Mr. Mike,Although Xia Mi left,But you can’t be used as this thing.?”
A light is concentrated in the microphone。
The eyes are full of satariness,Scornful and not cooled。
Mike’s face is a young color,Face these eyes,Let him feel like a needle。
Although I am not willing,But he still undergone noble head,“I accept……I admit Mr. Xia Mi’s medical skills,Acknowledging the greatness of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine……”
Be talking about,Sun Youde pushed the door to come in。
He regrets that the face is praying and looking forward to Zhang Fan,Shake http://www.lkgov.cn your head,“Dr. Zhang,Sorry,Mr. Xia is now busy now.,I am afraid that I can’t treat you.。”
In fact, how is the summer?。
He is not a big man,But it is never an old good person?。
He can treat the common people like Yang Haiming,As for people like Zhang Fan,I am too lazy to see a look.。
Sun Youde continued,“Dr. Zhang,You still stay in hospital as soon as possible,Mr. Xia said,Just cancer early,Medical conditions in our hospital,You still have a big chance to heal。”