“as far as I know,Countless status faces,Is actually in the turbulence of space,Such as the Magnolia Continental Plane,As long as one direction reaches the end……You can see the turbulence of space。”
“The four supreme gods in the legend,Has opened up the four highest planes。The seven upper master gods,Also opened up the seven god planes。”Cromwell laughed,“Maybe the strength reaches a certain level。You can create a small space by yourself in the turbulence of space。but,The sanctuary level can never do this,I’m afraid the one in the Temple of Life can’t do it。”
“I think,My hope of stepping into the realm of God is here。”Cromwell’s eyes shone brightly。
“teacher,You are right!”Wright is very excited。
“Grandmaster,You mean being a god?”Cecilia was also very surprised。
Cromwell rolled his eyes,“I have reached the limit of the sanctuary for nearly a thousand years,There has been little progress in the law of fire over the years,And in this tiny space,I feel another touch on the law of flame!If you are lucky,Maybe you can become a god in ten years!If bad luck,Then I can’t tell。”
“These ten years,I live in this tiny space。”Cromwell Saint Magister smiled,“Maybe some years later,I can stand shoulder to shoulder with the high priest。”
“Then congratulate the teacher in advance for your success!”Wright’s eyes full of light。“I’ll arrange the army later,Control this area,Must not leak the wind,The people who avoided the Magnolia Empire knew to snatch it later!”
“correct,A few of us to mine,Don’t let outsiders know that this is the magic crystal mine,As long as there is no magic crystal mine,There is no reason for the Magnolia Empire to occupy here!”Cecilia suggested,“Anyway, this door cannot be detected,At least not in Sanctuary。Unless the high priest is boring to come here,Or which sanctuary digs a hole boringly,Otherwise will not be found。”
“correct,Let’s just go dark,After http://www.fxccmy.cn hollowing out the magic crystal mine, build a castle on it,As a place to practice,Even if the sanctuary is strong,Won’t dig into the ground in front of us。”
One word,The arrangement of the mini-space secret rooms for this practice is seamless。
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Chapter Thirty One Eight years
4572August,The newly emerging forces of the Great Bear City in the Chaos Leader,Started the strategy and contracted the policy。The Bear Legion, the most elite army of the Chaos Leader, began to transfer back to the conquered cities。The lord of the Great Bear City also publicly announced that he will no longer conquer and attack other forces。This also relieved many small and medium-sized forces around。
September,Under the http://www.northdz.cn attention of the lord of the chaos and a few principalities,City of the Great Bear、More than a dozen cities centered on cities such as Philadelphia,Duchy officially established,Principality of Naham。
Principality established,Cromwell and Baruch had hoped that Wright could take over,But Wright is also dedicated to spiritual practice,Everyone and other sanctuary powerhouses are not willing to take over this position。And finally Wright’s brother Nelson took over the position,Archduke Naham。And Wright’s disciple Dia became an earl,The territory is a city with nearly a hundred miles of land around,It can be considered round his father Old Dia·Viscount Cap’s wish。