Husband, is it really good for someone else?

What we often hear is that men think their wives are good to others, and women think their children are good.

But for women, in addition to children, they often feel that their husbands are good for others.

In life, I often hear women gather together to talk about their husbands. This one says that your husband is very romantic, that one says that your husband cares for the family, that this says that your husband is very profitable, and that that your husband is handsome, very fewSome people will praise their husbands for being okay.

Or the Chinese have always been more restrained and don’t like to brag, but in the heart of a woman, they are more or less dissatisfied with the men around them.

  Maybe it ‘s distance that causes aesthetic fatigue. A and B are very ordinary women around us. A married a man with a lot of life interest. On her birthday, Valentine ‘s day, wedding anniversary, she always creates a lot of surprises for her., And at home will often help her clean up and cook a few good dishes.

And B married a very honest man who cares for his family, does not smoke, does not drink, disdains women, and commutes to work on time every day.

Or many people will envy A and B. These two men have different advantages, but many people do n’t know. On the third anniversary of marriage, A took a call from a young woman and said she was pregnant with her husband ‘s child.

And B’s husband returns home, except TV and games, it doesn’t care about anything, not to mention her birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, these special days, even the ordinary days, very little to herShow concern and thoughtfulness.

  There are many such ordinary couples in life, seemingly happy and dull life together, in fact there are always such conflicts.

Doesn’t someone say that a woman will regret whoever she marries?

Successful husbands usually don’t have time to accompany themselves. Interesting men always have a lot of women and down-to-earth men. They also feel that he does not want to be motivated. Rich men are attentive and poor men are poor.

It is normal for this person to have requirements for life, but it is not good to have such a mentality. Where is this person perfect?

Besides, the man who fell in love originally had such disadvantages. Why did he wait until he got married to regret it?

  I hated my husband ‘s insufficiency with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law first comforted me a few words, and then did not forget to teach me a few words, saying that I do n’t want to be too unsatisfied. Look at those men in life.Family.

I am rude, and some regret saying that her husband is fine with her mother-in-law, after all, her husband is her son, no matter how bad it is better than others.

But what the mother-in-law said afterwards is very reasonable. She said that because we always live together, we do n’t see the advantages of each other, we always unknowingly criticize each other ‘s disadvantages. In fact, if we treat each other as someone else ‘s husband, or youHe will feel good.

That is to say, the man I am dissatisfied with is a good man and a good husband in the eyes of other women. I do n’t want to, there will be a lot of women waiting in line. If I really want to give up, I think IDefinitely not willing.

  Marriage is very different from love, because marriage is more impractical than love. Fenghuaxueyue is transformed into chai oil and salt. Every day, I keep running for survival. Romance is thrown out of the clouds, so the pressure of such alternation is slow.The slower the quarrels occur naturally.

Maybe some people may say that true love doesn’t care about everything, but we are not men and women who ca n’t eat the fireworks on earth, so we can only run in the tedious and vulgar life, in order to let each other find a more suitable way to get along.

However, even if there are so many quarrels and helplessness, we should not be disappointed with life, do not feel that choosing inhuman is because of these quarrels, so we believe that the future will be better.

  So, no matter how good the other person’s husband is, it ‘s another person ‘s husband. When the passion and enthusiasm are slowly disappearing, the replacement is duplication and division, but more tolerance and accommodation.

It is not easy to be acquainted with each other and form a family together. In so-called meditation, there is only one in 5 billion chances of becoming a husband and wife. So why do we not cherish that imperfect man?

Maybe in your eyes, that excellent humorous, personable man is not as good as your husband when he comes home.

In your eyes, a man who is vulgar in behavior, digs his nose, picks his feet, and throws underwear and socks around, may be a fragrant in the eyes of other women.

Therefore, when you put your eyes on other husbands, you might as well learn to appreciate your husband.