Hidden health killer in yoga fashion sweeping urban fashion

Right now, the “yoga fever” is sweeping across major cities.

However, urban men and women who are or are about to “commission” their bodies to coaches may not know: in some fitness institutions or yoga venues, helping the public to create beautiful teachers and coaches, and some of them are “untrained”Some started working after a short week of training.

Experts point out that improper (guided) practice of yoga will damage muscles and ligaments, and even affect cardiopulmonary function . Recently at noon, in a fitness and fitness city in Nanping District, Nan’an District, Chongqing, in a spacious fitness place, dozens of rhythmic music, dozensA woman is practicing yoga under the guidance of a female coach.

This bodybuilding city has many fitness programs, yoga is one of them.

Miss Li at the front desk told reporters that practicing yoga here can be done monthly or annual card, 110 yuan monthly card, 750 yuan annual card, practice 5 times a week, arranged at noon or evening.

  The coach was a fashionable woman, and she said she had obtained a certificate after training in a yoga studio.

She said, in fact, it does n’t matter if you have a coaching license. Generally speaking, when you apply for a yoga instructor, once the scholars approve, the boss can look at the job.

She used to teach other fitness programs. Later, when she saw the popularity of yoga, she went to a professional yoga studio in Yuzhong District to train for a week.

But she wouldn’t say where the yoga studio for the week of training is.

  The survey found that most yoga venues that train coaches have a training period of about two months, four months in length, training in theory and training, other standards, and some also employ Indian coaches.

But there are also some “quick courses”.

A well-known yoga venue in Central District of Chongqing has one week of training and charges 1500 yuan.

The staff said that a certificate can be issued within a week of training. This certificate is equivalent to a coaching certificate. If you are a coach of other programs in the fitness institution, you can add (teach) yoga programs after you have this certificate.

  A fitness institution in Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, not only trains professional yoga instructors, but also amateur yoga instructors.

Professional training is issued in two months, coaching license, amateur training for eight weeks, twice a week, completion certificate, can not be a coach.

  A senior yoga instructor found that the number of yoga instructors currently on the market has decreased.

Some are full-fledged, some have been yoga enthusiasts, have been books in some yoga venues, they are optimistic about the career of yoga instructors, so they buy a few yoga textbooks and dishes, and after self-study at home, they apply to some fitness institutions.

The boss asks him or her to take a class or two, and if the book is approved, he can take up the post.

  According to reports, practicing yoga can help the body gain strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, improve and improve cardiopulmonary function, detoxify and beauty, reduce fat and shape, reduce stress, relax the body and mind, and calm the body and mind.

However, if yoga practitioners do not practice properly, they will experience dizziness, dizziness, nausea, etc., which may cause muscle and ligament strain.

The person in charge of the Industry Department of the Municipal Sports Bureau said that if there is no scientific guidance for practicing yoga, it may also cause damage to the body and seriously affect the heart and cardiopulmonary function.

In short, scientific practice should be conducted under the correct guidance of the coach.