The 2017 All-Star Western Premiere first-level list Zaza madly swept 1.53 million votes and merged
The NBA official today officially announced the 2017 All-Star starting list.The starting five tigers in the east are LeBron, Adetokounmpo, Butler, Irving and DeRozan.The Western Conference starting five tigers are Anthony Davis, Durant, Leonard, Harden, Curry.  There is no doubt that this year’s All-Star vote has undergone major institutional reforms.In the past, the All-Star starting level was all selected by fans.Fans’ voting results only account for 50% of the weight, while players and media vote each account for 25%.It is also for this reason that the Warriors center Pachulia and the Philadelphia 76ers star Embiid and others, who led the fans in the voting results, failed to enter the All-Star starting.  With the announcement of the official list, the result of the fan vote was also fully announced.  In the western frontcourt, Durant won 1,768,185 votes, Pachulia got 1,528,941 votes, Leonard got 1,058,399 votes, Anthony Davis got 974,802 votes, and Drummond Green got 914,973 votes.If according to the previous rules, the starting lineup in the west should be Durant + Pachulia + Leonard.  In the backcourt of the West, Stephen Curry got 1,848,121 votes, James Harden got 1,771,375 votes, Westbrook got 1,575,865 votes, Thompson got 1,054,304 votes, and Chris Paul got 735,460 votes.According to previous rules, Curry and Harden are also starting backcourts.  The media also announced the specific rankings of fans, players and media.  For example, Durant’s three ballots are the first in the western frontcourt.Leonard’s three vote rankings are 3, 2, and 2, respectively, ranking second overall.Anthony Davis’s three vote rankings are 4, 3, and 3, respectively, ranking third overall.And Pachulia’s three vote rankings are 2,12,10, ranking sixth overall.  The backcourt is very interesting. Curry’s three rankings are 1, 3, and 3 respectively, while Harden’s three rankings are 2, 2, and 2, and Weiss’s three rankings are 3, 1, and 1.Their weight always breaks out at 2.0, and the final ranking is based on the reservation of the fans to vote, so Weiss regrets losing.Extended reading: The 2017 NBA All-Star Game bench list Wei Shaoxiao Thomas led the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. The game schedule is the most complete. Watch the Raiders 2017 NBA All-Star.