When everyone is odd, how is it?,See the five people who have just come out,The respective young people who dismissed them were in the late generation.,Actually gone。
Let everyone tongue,He old monster actually。
I have to know that the old monsters have lived for five hundred years.,nowadays,I can let him call a few people in the late generation.。
http://www.antimonopolylawyer.cn Now actually,Due to this young man。
It wouldn’t be a mistaken.!
Lin rang shrug:
“Things have not been,I didn’t take it.,Don’t believe it, take a look.。”
He is ready to leave from the other side,Those big demon slowly moved to the direction of him.。
It seems that they are intended to be hard.。
These martial arts also want to take a look at the big demon。
If there is a table,That,Then don’t blame them to bully。
Lin Ren to these big demon anger。
Preparation,Kill a blood road,But I heard a person called my name.。
It should be impossible to know yourself.!Even in the martial artist,It should also be called your gains.,Not a name。
Alert back。
It is a woman who discovered his name.,Long is not bad,Especially the set of towers,Pulling her figure。
Half of the http://www.yindasmf.cn half-spring, the middle-aged woman who still reserved.:
“小。You know him?”
This woman is facing complex look,Heart five flavors。
Before you have the most eye-catching man,But now in so many big men,Become a mysterious existence,It’s really a thing.。
Just say that the origin of the forest,Suddenly move the mountain。
Someone shouted:
“There is a monster in the ground.。”
Ground in an interpretation。
Lin ring,Quiet look at the scene in front of you。
A huge seven-headed python explores its head underground。
The people around the surrounding are a massacre。
http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cn Since there is too sudden,These people are fundamentally prepared,After a bit,Dozens of people。
Lin lounged to the woman who said his name is about to be swallowed by the seven python.。
He fly immediately,Grab this woman,Bring her to half air。
Small scared flowers have lost color,After being saved,People who rescue her,Then look complicated to the eye。
Forest is particularly surprised。
What is she??