Right,She just said that I have an agreement with your master.。”
Her eyes are bright,“So to say,Your dead ghost master http://www.jsdongshang.cn knows her identity?”
The good sound is not good, and the eyes are over.,“Rusher,I am still in front,You say that my master is not good.。”
Say,What did she think of?,Suddenly,“Right,My master let me tell you something。”
A woman,Obviously some surprised,Vision,Voted。
“After you left,Master contact me,He let me tell you,Don’t make a summer idea,Summer is not suitable for doing law enforcement。”
“Why is not suitable??”
Women are obviously not moving,“Young generation,I am the most optimistic thing is summer.……”Not finished,Good sound,I have interrupted her directly.,“My master said,You are a scanning star,I am optimistic about proclaims,Since the result is dead,Later, I felt that my understanding is good.,The result is that Ming people are falling.,Nowadays, they are optimistic about their son. Summer……http://www.chenxiafu.cnRusher,Not I said you,You are a wool,You should not catch a family.,You look,A family is killed by your home.。”
The woman who is still in front of the woman.,Anger,“What is the relationship with me??
I was watching Xia Jiuwei.,Did not touch her,Look at the mind is also,Even is a good summer,Did I get in touch with them??
Not!They don’t even know this,What is the relationship between their fall?。”
Good sound,“Not too good,You dare to say that you have never contacted your own.?”
“Me……”Women’s gas,Sorrowful laughter,“Ok,I admit,But I just touched her.,Trial her attitude,At that time, she did not hesitate to refuse.,But their fall,Really doesn’t matter to me.。”
“Rusher,I am just joking with you.,Don’t be true。”
Look at her face entangled look,Good sound is also realized,I may have some words.,Now light comfort。
“Oh……”The woman smiled and shook his head.,Sigh,“Calculate,Do not say these,Let it go,I will send you back.。
Now it’s best to return to your master.,Is the safest。”
“I don’t go back.。”
The good voice does not hesitate to refuse,“I still have something。”
Woman is looking at,Eyes stare with good sound。
Significant sounds look at this gaze,Sorps,“I really have something,Luo 姨 If you are fine,Can you send it to Qinghai first??”
The woman’s scorpion is more deeper。
First2281Chapter Autumn
Next morning。
Summer rushed to Longcheng。
He did not take a plane,But the train。
Sitting on the seat,Ignite a cigarette,Tamper,Angle fog,Quite。